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A Masterclass in Protected Cropping!

Ironwood Institute attended the Masterclass in Protected Cropping at the Virginia Horticulture Centre last week. Presented by the experts from Graeme Smith Consulting, the Masterclass fast-tracked the essential skills for soilless culture, hydroponic, and greenhouse techniques and technologies.

Dr. Kalyan, our Diploma of Horticulture educator, attendance ensures we are able to teach our students the latest skills required by industry.

Topics covered included

  • how to optimise yield, quality, and uniformity,
  • the growing of media, plant physiology, nutrient management, water quality, irrigation,
  • EC & pH, environmental management, production systems, and plant health
  • understand the principles of controlled production systems
  • use new strategies and technologies to manage greenhouse climates and irrigation and pest and disease management
  • understand plant growing requirements and plant production techniques
  • develop new strategies for plant protection and integrated pest management
  • understand plant nutrition and fertigation programs

Mr Graeme Smith and Dr Mahya Tavan from Graeme Smith Consulting also visited the Ironwood campus to discuss the delivery of the Certificate III in Protected Horticulture and other industry collaborations.

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