Policies & Procedures

Domestic Student Forms and Policies

Find quick links to our policies and procedures, as well as useful forms for domestic students below.

The personal information you supply and consent to be contacted about is to be used by Ironwood regarding this form for study at the Institute. Ironwood Institute collects information on this form and during your enrolment to meet its obligations under the Data Provision Requirements 2012 of National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 and Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

All students have the right to access their file held by Ironwood and may also request that updates be made to incorrect information or out of date. For complete details refer to Ironwood Institute’s Privacy Policy

Ironwood believes that complaints and appeals handling are a fundamental component contributing to the provision of quality service. Ironwood is committed to providing access to a fair and impartial complaint resolution process. This policy outlines how Ironwood will respond to student complaints and academic appeals for domestic and international students.

Ironwood Institute is committed to providing students with a safe and supportive study environment. Students enrolled at Ironwood Institute will share classes and facilities with staff and other students. It is expected that students will behave in a manner that is acceptable to the wider Institute community.

Ironwood Institute values:

  • difference and diversity
  • respect and cooperation
  • tolerance
  • academic debate
  • freedom of expression balanced with social responsibility

All students enrolled at Ironwood Institute are always required to maintain an appropriate code of conduct. Where behaviour is deemed to be improper or inappropriate as outlined below, Ironwood Institute will take appropriate action. While on the campus of Ironwood Institute or engaged in any Ironwood Institute-sponsored activity, all students, staff, contractors, and visitors are expected to behave in a considerate and courteous manner when dealing with other staff, students, and members of the public.

The objective of Ironwood Institute’s Code of Conduct is to promote an environment in which students develop a positive and responsible attitude towards the institute environment, clients, and colleagues. As part of this, Ironwood Institute supports a system of informed consequences for actions.

A number of approaches for course assessment are used at Ironwood Institute. Depending on the course level assessment approaches may include observation of performance in class, workshops, case studies, projects, assignments, presentations, role-play, written tests, examination, oral tests, and practical assessment. Students will be given warning of the time and forms of any assessments and will not be expected to sit for an assessment they have not prepared for. Students will be given an opportunity for at least one reassessment for any competencies not achieved on the first attempt.

Students who enrol in any of Ironwood Institute’s full-time programs are enrolled in a scheduled 20 hours course contact per study week. You must attend all scheduled classes during your study term. If you are sick, you must inform an Ironwood Institute staff member as soon as possible. You will need to provide a medical certificate as proof of your illness.