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Agribusiness is the latest and a very valuable area of study as it covers a superior range of skills and knowledge which can be adapted to areas of multiple sectors encompassing the food, wine, forestry, and fibre business and all activities involved in the production, processing, distribution and marketing of these industries.

By 2050 the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion, 34 percent higher than today. Urbanization will continue at an accelerated pace, and about 70 percent of the world’s population will be urban.

Income levels will be many multiples of what they are now. To feed this larger, more urban, and richer population, food production (net of food used for biofuels) must increase by 70 percent. Source FAO

The increasing attention, over recent years, on the security and safety of the world’s future food supply has placed agribusiness firmly on national and international agendas It is a great time to be part of this industry and make a successful and professional career.

Ironwood Institute is the only independent registered training organisation in Australia to offer a Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness to international students in Adelaide with an assured and affordable pathway to various Master’s degree programs at Australian Universities.

Adelaide, South Australia is in a perfect position to take advantage of global opportunities in agribusiness with a pristine environment, enviable food safety standards, and responsibly manage natural resources.

Agribusiness in South Australia

South Australia is internationally recognised as a reliable, safe, and sustainable producer and exporter of premium fresh and value-added food and beverages, grown in a clean environment, using world-leading technology and practices.

South Australia produces 80% of Australia’s premium wine.

Our state has the largest agricultural research precinct in the Southern Hemisphere located near to the Australian Institute of Machine Learning for collaboration on crop management and farming conditions.

South Australia is centrally located, making our state an ideal hub for the distribution of premium food across Australia, with established export networks by air and sea for export to Asia.

We have strong biosecurity frameworks and traceability systems and are close to a diverse range of agricultural sub-sectors such as dairy, grains, horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, viticulture, forestry, and livestock.

South Australia dominates the Australian wine industry, with just under half of all Australian vineyards situated in our state – we’re home to over 700 wineries, 350 cellar doors, and 3,400 grape growers.

South Australia provides the perfect environment for primary producers to connect with ag-tech developers through collaborative networks. Our state also has the largest concentration of agricultural research institutions in the Southern Hemisphere.

We are home to the most diverse and innovative range of aquaculture systems in Australia and the only state with an Aquaculture Act.

We’re the most cost-effective mainland state in Australia, have strong logistics networks, are close to Asia, and have agricultural land available close to the city centre, providing financial efficiencies to companies.

Our food and wine are amongst the best in the world, offered against some of the most stunning landscapes and scenes. We provide an immersive visitor experience when people come to our state.

Working with the hi-tech sector in South Australia provides opportunities for the application of ag-tech to enhance agricultural productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

To learn more about the growing South Australia’s economy, view the Food, Wine and Agribusiness Sector Plan.

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Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness

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“…Ironwood Institute supported me in every facet personally and academically in my studies here in Australia…”
– Amit Godara


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