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Ironwood Institute, your pathway to a Master degree

If your dream is to gain a master’s degree from Australian University, then studying at Ironwood is one of the most affordable and accessible pathways to achieve your goal. 

Ironwood Institute has an agreement with the University of Adelaide, The University of New England, and Torrens University Australia to offer packaged qualifications.

With packaged offer courses, you will be accepted into both Ironwood and a connected university program at the time of application. This means that once you complete your one-year Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness at Ironwood successfully, you have guaranteed entry with credit into the second year of your chosen Master degree at the University.

Benefits of an Ironwood and University packaged offer

  • Single visa –  You can apply for combined offer letters and a single student visa from overseas for the entire duration of both programs.
  • Post-Study Work Rights –  You are eligible for all standard benefits of a university graduate, including post-study work rights in Australia.
  • Vocational and University skillset –  You benefit from Ironwood’s vocational experience and the University’s higher education learning, combining applied and theoretical knowledge with practical skills. 
  • Better prepared for the higher education environment –  Heading into an Australian university straight from overseas can be challenging. However, if you pursue a pathway with Ironwood, you will benefit from a smoother transition into the Australian higher education environment. Ironwood provides smaller class sizes and individual academic support throughout your studies. Therefore, taking the pathway with Ironwood builds the foundations for your Master’s degree.  
  • Pathways don’t necessarily mean taking the ‘long’ way –  Ironwood pathways will allow you to complete your Master’s degree in a similar time frame as you would do by directly studying the entire program with the University. We encourage you to check with relevant universities to get information about pathway arrangements.
  • Two qualifications –  You graduate with two qualifications (Graduate Diploma and Master Degree) at an affordable fee.

The Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness offers pathways to Master degrees at the following Australian Universities

InstituteCourseCRICOS CodeDuration to complete*Subjects to complete
Ironwood InstituteAMP80215 Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness090828K12 months8

* While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information, students are advised to seek confirmation with the University of their choice before making any decisions.

* Ironwood Institute has partnered with the University of Adelaide (CRICOS 00123M), The University of New England (CRICOS 00003G), and Torrens University Australia (CRICOS 03389E) for packaged offers.


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Study Adelaide

Study Agribusiness in Adelaide

Study Adelaide has started a launch page on studying Agribusiness in South Australia, highlighting Ironwood Institute and the University of Adelaide.

The page covers

*   Adelaide as the premium food and wine capital of Australia
*   Where you can study agribusiness in Adelaide
*   Why Adelaide is a great place to study agribusiness
*   Agribusiness companies in Adelaide
*   Careers in agribusiness
*   Agribusiness student case studies

Learn more about why studying agribusiness in Adelaide is a great career choice.

Arun: A pathway to postgraduate university study

Arun knew he wanted to pursue his postgraduate studies in agribusiness in Adelaide so he could learn from South Australia’s outstanding food and wine industry. To achieve his goals, Arun undertook a dedicated pathway to university, completing a Graduate Diploma with Ironwood Institute before entering his postgraduate degree.

We spoke to Arun about how his study pathway saved him money and enhanced his experience as a student in Adelaide.

Why did you choose to study in Adelaide?

I wanted to study agribusiness and food processing, and I chose Adelaide because South Australia has a world-renowned food and wine industry.  Here there are diversified crops and food production industries that I can be exposed to and learn from. I liked that my studies here would combine the theory of lectures with practical, hands-on experience.  The fact that Adelaide is one of Australia’s most affordable cities to live in was a big advantage too.

Tell me about your pathway to your master’s degree.

After finishing my undergraduate degree in agricultural science back home in India, I really wanted to continue into postgraduate studies. I knew I wanted to take the Master’s Degree at The University of Adelaide, and the pathway through Ironwood Institute gave me an excellent opportunity to do this in a way that was much more affordable.

I completed my one-year Graduate Diploma of Agribusiness at Ironwood Institute first, then entered my Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business.  Because the University of Adelaide recognised a full year of credit as part of this dedicated pathway, I could enter straight into the second year of the Master’s Degree. This means I’ll still complete the  program in only two years, but I’ve saved a lot of money on my fees.  Ironwood offers several pathways to both the The University of Adelaide and Torrens University Australia, and I know of six other students from my country taking similar paths to university.

How have you found studying at a vocational college like Ironwood Institute?

I think studying at a vocational college is an excellent way for international students to begin their studies in Australia. It’s smaller than a university, so there is a lot of individualised support. The college helped me with a free English language class, a trainer to show me how to write my assessments and they helped me get a part-time job in my industry, so I’m learning while I’m working.  They make the transition from the college to university really easy, because they’re directly involved in the pathway. I think a college like Ironwood is the best place for a newcomer to start.

How has studying in Adelaide prepared you for your future career?

By studying in this city, I’ve had access to many food processing facilities and lots of hands-on, practical experience. The University of Adelaide has great relationships with the local industry, and we’ve visited nearly 25 companies as part of our studies. This has given me the chance to understand the inner workings of my industry and the advanced technologies that are available in Australia.  This knowledge and experience have prepared me well to build my career in food processing.

What would you say to students thinking about coming to Adelaide to study?

You have every opportunity in Adelaide, it’s affordable, and there are beautiful places to visit like Kangaroo Island and Glenelg Beach.  I’d definitely recommend looking at the many university pathway options that can make your university studies more accessible and affordable.