Entry Requirements

Domestic Course Entry Requirements

Ironwood has a minimum level of requirements for the age that the students need to meet to enrol in a course(s) at Ironwood Institute (18 years of age at the time of commencement).

Students wishing to access subsidised training will be required to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing, and numeracy skills. 

If you have a verified disability/medical condition and require additional support to demonstrate satisfactory reading, writing, and numeracy skills please contact Student Services before applying to discuss your needs. To be eligible for support you must provide medical documentation to verify your disability/medical condition.

Specific course entry requirements are listed in the detailed outline for each course.

Many Certificates to Advanced Diploma courses have no entry requirements. If you wish to access subsidised training, you will need to complete the CORE Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) along with an Upfront Assessment of Needs to ascertain if you are suitable to undertake the training.  Please contact Ironwood Admissions for more details