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Diploma of Horticulture Management


Diploma of Horticulture Management

Qualification Description

The Diploma of Horticulture reflects the role of those who manage amenity horticultural enterprises where a range of skills and knowledge across the breadth of the industry is required or personnel working in horticulture at a level requiring higher technical skills.

Subsidised under SkillingSA an SA Government Initiative. Eligibility and subsidy criteria apply, please visit www.skills.sa.gov.au

Important Information


The course will be delivered in 52 weeks (one year).

Full-time study for 40 weeks and a break period of 12 weeks between 4 study terms. Each study term is approx. 10 weeks long.

The scheduled contact study per week is 16 hours.

The classes are scheduled per study week for two full days (9 am to 5 pm) 

There are also additional 14 hours of self-study scheduled per study week for students.

Intake Dates – 2024


AQF Level



Prior to commencing this qualification an individual must:

  • have completed the following 7 units of competency (or equivalent):
    • AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals
    • AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
    • AHCPCM308 Identify and select plants
    • AHCPMG301 Control weeds
    • AHCPMG302 Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
    • AHCSOL304 Implement soil improvements for garden and turf areas
    • AHCWHS302 Contribute to workplace health and safety processes


  • have relevant equivalent skills and knowledge acquired through participation in the horticulture industry, this will be assessed accordingly during the enrolment period as per our policies and procedures (See POL-ENR-01).

Mode of Delivery

Face to Face.

Location of Delivery

Ironwood Institute is located at Level 3, 112-118 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 5000.

The campus is in the heart of Adelaide City Centre, which offers an excellent blend of history, culture, modern lifestyle, and congenial learning environment.

The site is well connected by public transport (bus, tram, and train).

Entry Requirements

Ironwood has a minimum level of requirements that students need to meet to enrol in a course(s)

  1. All students need to be 18 years of age at time of commencement.  
  2. Satisfactory reading, writing, and numeracy skills.  If you wish to access subsidised training, you will need to complete the CORE Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) along with an Upfront Assessment of Needs to ascertain if you are suitable to undertake the training.

If you have a verified disability/medical condition and require additional support please contact Ironwood Admissions  or call 08 8227 0300 before applying to discuss your needs. To be eligible for support you must provide medical documentation to verify your disability/medical condition.

Material and Equipment Required

Not required.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

No occupational licensing, legislative, or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Course Structure

  • Total Units 10
  • Core Units 3
  • Elective Units 7

Manage workplace health and safety processes (Core)


Write and present reports (Core)


Develop workplace policy and procedures for environment and sustainability (Core)


Develop and manage a chemical use strategy (Elective)


Develop a horticultural production plan (Elective)


Diagnose plant health problems (Elective)


Collect and classify plants (Elective)


Monitor and manage soils for production (Elective)


Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports (Elective)


Negotiate and monitor contracts (Elective)

For further details about each unit of competency please refer to the AHC50422 Diploma of Horticulture Management.

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods include but are not limited to:


On successful completion of this course, you will be awarded the AHC50422 Diploma of Horticulture Management. Students who successfully complete only one or more units of competency within this Qualification will receive a Statement of Attainment. (By enrolling in this course, Ironwood Institute does not guarantee a learner will successfully complete and receive the qualification).

Qualification Pathways

Advanced Diploma of Horticulture, Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture or relevant bachelor’s degree at Australian Universities (Ironwood Institute does not guarantee an automatic pathway to a university degree and advises students to seek confirmation with the university). Please refer to Ironwood University Pathways for further details.

Employment Opportunities

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. For those with appropriate work experience, knowledge, and skills gained from this Diploma can help the candidate to take on the following roles which include but are not limited to:

(Ironwood Institute does not guarantee an employment outcome, licence, or accreditation at the completion of this qualification).

Work-based Training

Not applicable

Work Placement

Not applicable


Ironwood Institute will charge the learner for the enrolment application, tuition, material fees, and training product as per the nominated fee schedules as outlined below;

Fee Type   Admission (AUD) Learning
Tuition (AUD) Total (AUD) Payment Plan
Traineeship $0 $0 $498 $498 Initial deposit of $224.50 and the 3 payments of $124.50 every 3 months
Concession (Traineeship) $0 $0 $0 $0 ---
Full Fee $250 $250 $9,975 $10,475 Initial deposit of $3,000 and the 3 payments of $2,492 every 3 months

Students are encouraged to contact the Institute for current specials.

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