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Working in the Social Media Field

Working in the Social Media Field, by Lynn Zhuo If your intention is to work in the social media field in Australia, what I suggest that you can do is to go to www.seek.com.au and look for jobs which are related to your interest. Each job includes a criterion of the certificate they want.
Most employers in Australia only recognize Australia certificates. Having been in the marketing profession for over 15 years, I know that Social Media Marketing is a skill that is in shortage in the industry world-wide (Australia, Singapore or anywhere). This Diploma Certificate therefore becomes a paper proof that you are proficient in this much needed skill. However, in the industry, there is hardly any framework around Social Media Marketing. So, what we do in the course is to give you a framework to structure Social Media Marketing and integrating it to business use. I can be giving you tips on what social media posts can promote the business better but what I am seeing is that many students do not put it into practice. The best way to make the most out of this course is to use the structure and apply it to a business (be it an employer / ex-employer / your own business). I was just talking to a student who works in Adelaide and he was telling me that he likes the methodology and framework because he can copy and paste the resource we gave him, applies it to his workplace and his boss will be impressed. On the other hand, I also have students who find that this is all too theoretical. Framework after framework. I, myself, find it useful because I applied what I taught to another business. Long story short, I believe that many of my students are very proficient in Social Media Marketing, because the nature of the younger generation means that generally, you all spend time on Social Media more than any other generations. What is missing is how to tweak the skills that you all already have and use it for corporate and businesses. Employment opportunities does not come by easily anywhere. But as with all certificate, it is what gets you to the interview table first.

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