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Protected Cropping Australia Study Tour

Ironwood recently attended a Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) study tour in the Northern Adelaide Plains focused on Integrated Pest Management for protected cropping growers. This tour has expanded Ironwood’s network of industry contacts to enable our students to have access to this world leading protected cropping area within 30km of the city CBD. This means our students can experience the urban life with the ability to work in the horticulture/agribusiness industry.

The tour was made up of mostly growers and included industry stakeholders and allied trade who came together to share ideas and learn from their peers.

PCA members Peter Petsios, Quan Nguyen and Andrew Braham hosted an industry tour of their farms to share their expertise and knowledge. SoilWealth and Dr. Doris Bleasing led a session at Braham Produce with Biological Services discussing farm hygiene and protected growing best practices.

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