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Masterclass in Protected Cropping

Ironwood Institute in conjunction with Go Tafe Victoria, Graeme Smith Consulting and Growool Horticultural Systems delivered a successful Greenhouse Technical Management Course – a Masterclass in Protected Cropping during the first week in August at the Virginia Horticulture Centre Virginia SA.

With food security and climatic variability concerns, safe and sustainable protected cropping could be the way of the future food production.

The course was specifically designed to develop high level technical and management skills of in greenhouse and hydroponic production.  It covered the growing of media, plant physiology, nutrient management, water quality, irrigation, EC & pH, environmental management, production systems and plant health with specific focus on:

  • understand the principles of controlled production systems
  • use new strategies and technologies to manage greenhouse climates and irrigation
  • understand plant growing requirements and plant production techniques
  • develop new strategies for plant protection and integrated pest management
  • understand plant nutrition and fertigation programs



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