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Greenlife Industry and Ironwood working together to support Horticulture Careers

Ironwood Institute is delighted to become a member of Greenlife Industry. Greenlife industry is the peak industry body for businesses and organisations that provide products and services for greenlife production, produce, supply, and retail greenlife or promoted the benefits of and share greenlife with the community. With programs such as Plant Pals, Plant Life Balance, Garden Releaf, and Greener Spaces Better Places, Ironwood is looking forward to working towards a greener Australia.

Of particular interest is the support offered to people interested in Greenlife Industry Careers. There is an entire industry of around 3,000 businesses embracing tried and tested horticultural techniques, sensible science and the latest in horticultural innovation to deliver over 2 billion plants into Australia’s landscapes, backyards, kitchen windows and on to our plates. Over 25,000 individuals are committed to leading the greening of Australia.

There is a career pathway for everyone.

Watch how the industry’s tissue culture laboratories, plant breeders, production managers, operations managers, soil scientists, growing media specialists, plant protection experts, plant nutritionists, entomologists, horticulturists, growers, garden retailers, landscapers, environmental scientists, communicators, marketers, logistics, television presenters, garden writers and radio broadcasters, automation experts, policy writers, researchers, academics and educators bring the industry to life.

A career path in Horticulture is only limited by your interests and motivation, there are many learning pathways that be can taken at Ironwood Institute.

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